Efficient delivery on a tight schedule

The shipment of goods for export is a crucial aspect of Specta’s operation. Every year we try to make the delivery of our products faster and more efficient. To this end, we have developed a new service called “Direct container train”.

This is a joint project between Specta, Russian Railways, Transcontainer, and Modul. The idea of the service was born out of the need of our customers in the Persian Gulf to receive their goods faster and know the exact shipment dates from ports in St. Petersburg.

The project development took two years. The new service was developed by Semyon Sitkarev, Supply Chain Director at Specta, in collaboration with potential carriers and rolling stock owners. Prominent container shippers from Kostroma were also involved in brainstorming.

The project participants analyzed and compared various options of shipments from Moscow terminals. In the end, the “Container trains” service from Kostroma to St. Petersburg was chosen.

The new program will significantly expedite deliveries to customers by planning and delivering containers to the station ahead of time. Delivery from Kostroma to St. Petersburg now takes at most three days! The new project slashes the overall delivery time by two weeks!

The project has already commenced, and Specta has shipped its containers for the second time under this program. “Container trains” will speed up operation and enable to stick to the schedule, allowing the reservation of vessels on a specific date from the time the customer places the order.

The company is planning monthly shipments of cargo by container trains.

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