Cleanliness starts with the chopper

The cargo is unloaded, and a heap of rubbish sits on the floor – scraps of strap, tangled coils of wire, and labels… This image could remain in the past forever. With the advent of special equipment designed for disposing packaging waste, it will become much easier to maintain order at your enterprise!


No injuries or extra costs

SPECTA started thinking about proper disposal of packaging waste several years ago. Scraps of steel and plastic straps are an inevitable part of the unpacking process and can be a headache for employees – they are inconvenient to remove (too large in volume), and people can easily cut themselves on the sharp edges of straps and wires. To solve these problems, SPECTA specialists have introduced a special chopper into the product line, which in a matter of minutes, will help you deal with large volumes of packaging waste.

Such shredders are becoming indispensable to all kinds of manufacturing enterprises, warehouses and shopping malls, as well as in any other enterprises where packing/unpacking operations employ considerable volumes of packaging strap.

How it works 

Choppers from SPECTA come in different types and capacities and can handle a variety of waste types, including large volumes of tangled 19 mm wide plastic and steel strap with locks, lightweight wire and other production materials. Models are available that can be built into a steel strap or spiral cut slitter line to collect edge scrap.

At the same time, the operator doesn’t have to do too much – simply load waste into the chopper feed socket, and the rotating knives will grind them up.  Typically, the chopper turns the “packaging waste” into small pieces of about 10 cm. Depending on the type and volume of waste, you will always be able to choose the optimal chopper model for yourself.

We care about nature

The introduction of choppers at the enterprise will allow us not only to maintain cleanliness, but also reduce the costs for disposal of industrial waste. In addition, its environmental friendliness is an indisputable advantage of the chopper – it is thanks to this that your enterprise can improve the efficiency of environmental policy by reducing waste.

Стол под измельчитель ленты  A special table for strap chopper
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