Locks / staples for packing tape are necessary for joining mounting elements when arranging clamps. Products of this type are made from stainless steel and are used to fix steel tape of different thicknesses. The packing lock is extremely easy to use, while ensuring reliable fastening of the clamp in a variety of operating conditions: with significant temperature and pressure fluctuations, increased vibration, etc.

Features of using the product

When tying a load with steel or plastic tape using special tools, the lock is positioned so that the seam is under the tape. After that, the lock is tightened and fixed, which, depending on the size, can be designed for one or more notches with mechanical or pneumatic tongs. Similarly, these products are used in the installation and fastening of cables, wires, air ducts and other devices. Fasteners of this type must meet the following requirements:

  • have anti-corrosion properties;
  • ensure the strength of the connection;
  • eliminate the possibility of stretching the clamp.

The materials for the manufacture of the lock and the tape must provide for operation in the same conditions.

Our offer

VolgaStrap is one of the leaders in the industrial packaging market in Russia and the CIS. We offer our clients:

  • assistance in choosing the best packaging and strapping tools and materials that will ensure reliable protection of goods during transportation;
  • advising on the operation and maintenance of tools and equipment;
  • complete after-sales service.
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