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Product labelling is an integral part of contemporary production. However, sometimes manufacturing conditions and product specifics do not allow attaching labels: this can be prevented by high temperatures, aggressive external environment, or non-standard dimensions and surfaces of products being manufactured. In such cases, a hanging tag may be the best solution.

Heavy production means special requirements

The innovative Specta Polyplast 101 tag is designed specifically for heavy production environments. The tag is made from high-quality white opaque polyester film and has smooth surfaces ready for thermal transfer printing.

In addition to their neat look, Polyplast 101 tags have a number of technical advantages:
• they can withstand high and low temperatures ranging from -40 to + 230°C (short-term);
• they are resistant to weather and environmental impacts;
• they don’t fade when exposed to light;
• they have a high mechanical durability;
• they are resistant to most organic solvents, acids and alkalis;
• they are abrasion-resistant;

After selecting tags that best suit your needs in terms of thickness (125 to 250 microns), appropriate shape and size, you can easily print necessary information on their surface. The tags are perfect for thermal transfer printing, but are also suitable for writing on them with a marker or a special stamp ink. Thanks to their glossy surface, wiping off dust, dirt or oil from the tags is easy and convenient. Their high durability ensures that information remains readable even after creasing.

What makes our tags convenient is that there are different attachment options: they can be either self-sealing or attached to the product using metal clips, wire, welded stud systems or strapping materials.

Where can Specta Polyplast 101 tags be used?

These versatile tags can be used to identify any product, but the manufacturers involved in the metallurgical, construction, and woodworking industries are in the best position to appreciate their advantages. It is specifically in these industries that heat resistance combined with strength and durability are decisive factors when choosing labels.

Specta Polyplast 101 tags will make labelling parts and assemblies with different coatings and surfaces as well as chemical, pharmaceutical and even food industry products a no-brainer.

Application examples

Specta Polyplast 101 may be the most suitable solution for labelling a variety of heavy industry products. This, for example, was the case for one pipe manufacturing plant. The customer manufactured small-diameter pipes and, therefore, standard labels that could be glued to one pipe in a package were too small to display all necessary information.

Specta specialists suggested solving this problem with the help of Specta Polyplast 101 tags, which could be attached to the packing strap, and, given that their size was three times larger than those of the previously used labels, all necessary information could be printed in large font and displayed in a highly visible location on a pipe package.

In another case, Specta Polyplast 101 tags were used to label metal balls. Throughout the manufacturing process, batches of balls of different composition and diameter were moved between processes in workshops in special containers. Containers were dirty and rusty on the outside and were exposed to external mechanical and temperature impacts.

Attempts to stick labels on the outside of containers (even with very strong glue) proved unsuccessful, because the labels got unstuck during transportation or simply wore out in the process. This created many difficulties, such as the need to re-sort products and downtime to search for information about unlabelled containers. The problem was solved with the help of extra-thick Specta Polyplast 101 tags. Specta experts suggested hanging tags on a fastener on the outside of the container. Thus, all information was displayed in a convenient location, and the tag retained its integrity throughout the entire process route of the container.

The customer was able to solve its labelling issues: information ceased to be lost, and therefore downtime and losses were stopped.

As you can see, the application range of versatile Specta Polyplast 101 tags is extremely wide, and in many cases a tag custom made to special requirements may be the only way to identify products manufactured under high-load conditions.

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