A wizardry in Chemodanchik

In challenging times for culture, Specta endeavors to support independent theater associations. The Chemodanchik small chamber theater in Kostroma fits the bill. Erik Helin, SEO of Specta Group, believes that it is important to help a talented team without permanent state funding. This fall, Specta’s employees attended 15 performances at the theater as part of support to Chemodanchik. The company paid for the tickets.

The program will help the theater find new audiences and employees to spend quality time with and get acquainted with one more interesting art space of the city. All safety guidelines are followed when attending performances. Spectators are allowed only in groups of no more than eight people. Adult spectators must wear masks and gloves.

Specta’s employees were highly impressed by the performances at the Chemodanchik chamber theater. During the performance, the action goes beyond the stage, and the plot is played out directly among the viewers. Each one of them can become an actor at any moment. After the performance, both adult and young spectators can mingle with the actors, learn how puppets are made, and drink tea with an apple pie.

“It feels like you know these people for many years,” Customer Service Manager Tatiana Trukhonina shares her impressions. – “My daughters were delighted with the performance. They liked being not only viewers but actors as well. Well, tea and pie is a great idea. And we left the theater with a gift – a little suitcase of drawn characters of the play. My little girl played with them until night. We will definitely attend new performances!”

Acquaintance with new performances of the theater continues in November.

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