Dear guest, employees, friends,

Welcome to Sochi, Welcome to Specta Jubilee. First of all, I would like to request 2 ladies who deserve huge applause, to stand up: Olga Sankina and Natalia Ivanova. You are our longest serving employees: 17 years at Specta! Let’s give them a big hand!

25 years is a quarter of century, and definitely a reason to arrange a Grand party to celebrate Specta’s anniversary.

4 years ago I visited the Olympics in Sochi with our daughter, who was then 12 years old. We looked at the city, the games, excellent organization, happy volunteers, bright young faces and I was truly impressed.

My daughter asked me a question then: “Papa, are we in Switzerland? To which I happily replied: “We are in Russia, we are in Sochi”. Then I decided that one day I want to give a gift to many of my friends and invite them here to see what Russia – where there are so many difficulties and uncertainties – can be! Opportunities – opportunities, which often we do not notice!

Sochi represents for me the new Russia. It is a great example of the future of Russia.

We just have to remember the simple secret of life: follow your dreams, believe in yourself and never give up!

I hope you all enjoy this gift, the evening and your stay here!

Out of all hot Finnish guys in Russia, I think I am the luckiest one. During all these 25 years, I have been privileged and honored to work with you.

You have achieved great results by building a company from scratch to be one of the leading international companies in our business. We all know sustainable results do not come by luck, they come by everyday’s hard work. This work is done by you – together with our clients, suppliers, partners and banks!

Each of you deserves a huge credit for this achievement, and with this attitude that you have, I am always stimulated to try harder, and improve. I am sure with this attitude, we will together achieve much more!

“We “is always more than “I.

In the 1990’s when Specta was born, there were a lot of constant changes, and that creates uncertainty. Specta was set up with a philosophy of being self confident, and to provide the confidence in the future: How did we create the confidence:

1) Focus! Let’s do the things which we can do well – and nothing else!

2) Let’s create the rules which are valid for everybody. No exceptions.

3) Lastly, and most importantly: we put women in charge of implementation!

And this way we created our reputation and achieved the trust of our clients to Specta!

Then We continued: We created our own model of how we operate, how we manage.

It is called 3D model: Dusha, Dobrei Serdze and Deti (soul, kind heart and children).

While many babies are born, also for Specta, a daughter company, the production company, was born! And quickly: In just twelve months and two weeks!

Another example of our speed is in PET-strap business; seven years ago, we had nothing! Now we have become the third biggest producer of PET-strap in Europe. We started from scratch – completed four acquisitions during the sanctions, ruble crash and other difficulties. But we had a dream, we believed in ourselves, and we did not give up!

We will continue to build the company based on the trust of our partners. Specta is ready for new relationships, new dreams, and new adventures in the Wonderland!

Thank you!

Erik Helin

CEO of Specta Group

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